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Now The REAL Review from a Tracfone LG500g User

I received my Tracfone LG500g last week.  What is my determination? I LOVE This Phone!http://img.deviceanywhere.com/tracfone/5523/Default.gif

No it is NOT Android Powered.

No the built in browser does not open LARGE mobile websites that have downloadable apps (which are supported). .

You can find LG500g apps at: http://www.mobilerated.com/lg-lg500g-applications.html

I installed the Opera Mini Web Browser App

The Mini browser installs automatically to the Games and Apps folder on the phone. 

To use it,  just go to the folder and launch the mini browser, I like it better than the default browser, however I don’t surf the web much.

As fare as customer service, it’s a WELL KNOWN FACT THAT The Tracfone Reps barely speak English and ALWAYS fuck  up requests.

You cannot expect more for under $30.00!

The Tracfone LF500g is still loaded with features.

but be careful is you download apps, they could have viruses.

I read some reviews online from unsatisfied customers because Tracfone is not an IPhone or an Android powered phone.  Are these people serious?

People spend spent $29.99 plus tax which amounts to $31.49 for the phone but they want 3 or 4g plus WiFi?! Yeah Right.

I spent Saturday figuring out how to use this phone and it’s ridiculously easy to use, which is a good thing since the accompanying instruction book does not guide you hand by hand through operating instructions.

The Coolest features on this phone are the Double Minutes that automatically apply if you purchase airtime.

It’s BluTooth enabled.

Also If you are low income or meet Safelink Wireless’ eligibility requirements, you’ll receive  250 free minutes (4 1/2) hours of talk time every month that you can add additional purchased minutes to that will double.

The MP 3 Player (which I haven’t tried yet) is very nice, However you need to purchase a microSD card and micro USB cable you can transfer MP3s OR Data from your computer to your Tracfone LG500g.

I like the camera and the Video Recording Option.

There are plenty of graphics and ringtones to download (I am using Lady GaGa’s “Telephone” as my ringtone.

It has a Qwerty keyboard for accurate Texting.

Finally at least it sort of looks like a smartphone.


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